New build; need help

need help... i'm building a budget gaming rig, here are the specs

Pentium Dual-Core E5300
COOLER MASTER extreme 460W
Radeon HD4670 1024MB DDR3

is this a balanced system..??? i'm aiming for medium to high detail gaming on 1280*1024 res
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  1. Hardly a gaming rig, and I sincerely doubt you'll get 1280x1024 with high detail with it.
    Give us your budget and what country you're living in so that someone can assist you in finding the best possible parts for it.

  2. say 350$... and i'm buying from thailand(bangkok)

    btw, i'm aware that its much cheaper to go with AMD but i want to know the best intel based system
    i can get for this v tight budget...

    thanks for the response.. much appreciated :)
  3. one more thing.... will a 7200rpm IDE hdd cause a bottle neck.??? if not i'd like to reuse my current hdd and i also have a new DVD writer so don't need a new one..

    thnx in advance
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