P8p67 rev 3 1 problems

i just built my first computer well 2nd my first was in ITT, anyway this problem doesnt seem like a problem but i dont want something small to turn into a big problem. When i press power button lights come on and fans spins for few seconds and then stop and then it boots normally. i updated the bios this morning successfully without a problem but that didnt seem to fix the problem, i also read somewhere online about disabling internal something something i went into the bios and disabled that but still happens. also on a side note when i boot up it says ACHI something something no harddrive found, thanks guys ahead of time
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  1. Did u install windows in the IDE mode and than u changed it to AHCI?

    And it won't find the drive on the boot now?
  2. ok i fixed the first problem by going into advanced settings and picking the right HD to boot with i guess it was trying to boot the other first so YAY me i fixed it BUT i still get a weird display when booting that says:


    Its not harming anything so i guess its not a problem but i just dont want it to turn into a problem
  3. OK, but did u install windows in the IDE mode and than u changed it to AHCI?
  4. idk dont remember clicking ahci thing
    any advice
  5. Go back and make sure that u have it set to IDE.
  6. Before i do that will changing that setting from AHCI to IDE do anything wrong if i didnt do what you claimed i might have did? sorry i worded that weirdly
  7. No, u are not going to do anything difficult for the system.

    There is a registry fix to do that, but maybe its not even the problem.
  8. my roommate just told me he has same exact build and he gets the same display message/error and he never touched the bios but i did but i dont remember clicking the thing you said but brb goign to restart and try what you said
  9. OK, what about this. U installed it in IDE, than U updated the BIOS and that put it into AHCI by default and now u have this.

    So u have touched the BIOS than, right?

    So now all u need to do is to put it back and make a registry change.
  10. If u will do that, change it to IDE>>> than do that bellow.

    1) Set the BIOS to use IDE mode for the disks and boot the system.

    2) Run RegEdit and set the following registry value so that it's value is zero:

    3) Shut down, set the BIOS to use AHCI mode, and restart.
  11. Going to sleep, I hope that u will let me know what did u do : ) Good luck!

    /Its so easy, a caveman can do it./
  12. well i went into bios and changed to IDE mode and got blue screen of death, went back and changed back to AHCI mode , im done wracking my brain on this issue it doesnt seem to hurt anything but thanks for trying
  13. It could be something else too.
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