5770 flex monitor not getting signal

Hi all. Happy thanksgiving weekend.

I've just built a decent system with a sapphire radeon 5770 flex graphics card. I have two monitors set up, my main monitor (samsung LED) works great. My older monitor, a VGA LCD, is not getting a signal from the card.

I'm running windows 7 x64. B
Windows and the catalyst command center recognize both monitors. I'm sure I have all up to date drivers installed. I'm connected from the DVI-Dual link through the vga adapter to the VGA LCD monitor.

Any tips on why I can't get a display signal from my graphics card even though windows and Catalyst recognize my monitor?


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  1. I guess I asked the question poorly?

    My second monitor is not receiving a signal from my 5770 flex, however windows does recognize that the monitor is connected. Main monitor is fine.

    second monitor is lcd vga. Do both monitors need to be the same resolution, any help please?
  2. Turns out something was wrong with the monitor. I bought another one on the cheap and it worked fine.
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