Very low 3dmark06 score. What's wrong with my system?

I started to notice some serious PC lag in cod4, playing on lowest settings. When encountering few enemies at once the fps is 40 - 60 which makes it almost impossible to kill them with fps so low. In cod4 multilayer fps is very important. I remember getting such fps when playing on maxed out settings.

I decided to run 3dmark06 benchmark to test my system's performance.
And as it turns out I get 5447.
I found out others with similar system gets almost 4 times bigger score.

Also while 3dmark06 was testing the cpu it was showing 0 fps. I have read that its normal to get low fps on cpu test but i didn't expect to get 0.

Maybe you can help me to identify and get rid of the problem.

My system
CPU: Q6600
GPU: 8800 GT
RAM: 4Gb
OS: Windows 7
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  1. Yes, it looks as though you should be getting around 12000-14000 with your set up.

    All I can really recomend however is to uninstall the drivers, run driver cleaner pro in safe mode, reinstall the drivers, if that doesn't work, then possibly do a complete format/reinstall windows.
  2. I just run this benchmark on another partition and I got 5204. (I've got two operating systems)
    So I doubt that the problem is in drivers or operating system's settings.
    But what do i know, I will reinstall windows to make sure.
  3. What settings are you using in your video card settings and also in the benchmark ?? having settings set to quality instead of performance or enabling super sampling etc. will make a difference as well as using enthusiast settings in the bench program !
  4. I just remembered. There was this guy who came to my my house in summer. He said he could over clock my pc. I said no, i don't want him to mess up my PC.
    I went to the kitchen to get some food. And when I got back it turns out while I was away he was messing with some cpu numbers in BIOS.

    After that my PC was really lagy and restarting all the time. I went to BIOS and set everything to default. The lag was gone and the PC stopped restarting.

    Maybe that affected PC's performance?
  5. Quote:
    Get real OP and micro.3d mark loves cpu speed in ghz.Higher the cpu speed more the score.Your scores are about right considering your weak gpu and cpu speed in ghz.Online benchmarks are done with overclocked cpu.

    You could be right, but considering his performance changed from what he was used too, and everything I've. Seen leads me to believe he shouldn't get any less than 10k. Remember thus is 06, not vantage.
  6. I opened the case and it was full of dust. CPU and GPU fan was covered in a fat layer of dust. I removed the videocard and cleaned it's fan. I was not able to clean it completely because there were some spots I couldn't reach.
    I did't want to remove the CPU fan, I am not that experienced with computer hardware. Cleaned the CPU fan as best as I could.

    I did a clean reinstall of windows. And now the score is 8625! yay
    Could the dust cause these performance issues?
  7. I just run the test on the other operating system which i did not reinstall.
    And it scored 8583 (where previously I got 5204)

    So it looks like the cleaning improved performance. I'm gonna clean a bit more but I doubt it will solve the whole problem.
  8. Could have possibly been temp problems. Think you should be over 10k
  9. Think the thing hurting your score is the CPU running at 2.4Ghz seems anything under 3 ghz. drops the 3d mark scores since it also slows the memory throughput etc. - I've got a PII X3 720 unlocked fourth core running at 3.3ghz. with a 5770 and get 15,400 on 3d mark 06 so would think you should be at least around 10K.
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