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I would very much like to buy an AGP 8x GPU that is Shader Model 3.0 capable with very low power usage.

Its a p4 2.8 ghz cpu with 300W power supply, no current gpu, 2gb ram. I just found out I can not swap the power supply because of funny pins to a sony vaio motherboard. It is quite old so the lower power option the better. Price is whatever agp cards go for. 1680x1050. USA, like newegg.

There is one very specific reason I want this. Any help on whether this card is even around would help and old guy like me. Thanks
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  1. 7800gs is about the best you can get that is Nvidia for agp and 38x0 agp is the best performance for agp and the 4650/4670 agp is the most common gaming card for agp. All have shader model 3
  2. Any idea what kind of power use those use because I think thats my barrier.
  3. The PCIe versions of ATI RADEON HD 4650/70 use 48/59W respectively. I would assume the AGP versions consume around the same amount, so your 300W PSU is enough for either of those 2. You won't find anything better on newegg.
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