Need advice to decide which (passive ?) GFX card to pick


trying to find out which GFX card would be best for this system. To start with, the system itself:

CPU Intel Core i7-870
CPU-Cooling Noctua NH-U12P SE2
Memory Corsair PC1866 Memory 8GB (1866 MHz, 240-polig, 4x 2GB) DDR3-RAM Kit
Motherboard Asus P7P55D-E Pro
SSD (disc) OCZ OCZ RevoDrive PCIe SSD 120 GB
BlueRay/DVD-Combo Plextor PX-B320SA
Power Supply Be quiet be quiet! Straight Power E8 400W
Case Sharkoon Bandit

Now, the system will be used for software development, so programming, office works, etc. It will also be used to watch HD 1080p movies on a 1920*1200 monitor. Gaming etc. will be completely out of the question so no fancy 3D acceleration will be needed. The most important thing asked of the GFX card is that it's silent, ideally with passive cooling, and still powerful enough to handle playing 1080p movies.

What's your guys advice ?
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  1. A passive HD5570 or HD5670 is your best bet.
  2. ^ agree. You could also consider NVIDIA GeForce GT240 or GT430. Look for the lowest prices.
  3. ^+2
    Card higher than those is not good since higher card will produce more heat...
    So stick with HD5570/HD5670 or GT240.
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