hi i have a question ....
i m going to buy a graphic card by ati

HD5670 512MB (V2): ATi Radeon, HD5670, PCIe x16, 512 MB, DDR5, 128-bit, GPU 775 MHz, 4000 MHz, DVI-I, 1x D-sub, HDMI, 2560x1600, DirectX 11

and my computer is amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 5200+ 2,71 gh, 2 gb kingston ram and integradet HD3200

i play right now Gta4,Far cry 2 and frontlines:fuel of war....everything on 1024x768 resolution with everything on medium exept shadows in far cry2 and frontlines that is low so i need help

THE questions are
and will my computer support that
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  1. You will run those games at high-max settings on the 1024*768 resolution.
  2. Quote:
    hi i have a question ....
    and will my computer support that

    What's your PSU?
  3. Any 300W PSu will run HD5670 just fine...
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