CoolerMaster PSU does not have PWR_FAN connection


I just purchased a new Asus motherboard and a CoolerMaster Elite Power 460W Power supply. The motherboard has a 3-pin PWR_FAN connector. However, the PSU does not have any cable that would fit this connector. Is it safe to power on the motherboard without this connection?

Also, a cable coming out of the PSU is called "CPU 4+4 Pin Connector." The pin description says COM, COM, +12V, +12V. I don't see any connector on the motherboard that will take this cable. What is this for? Is it okay not to connect this cable?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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    The motherboard's 3-pin PWR_FAN is a connector for a case fan, absolutely do not try to plug in a PSU cable into it. If you don't have a fan connected to it then it will be no problem to turn on the computer.

    The 4+4 pin connector is probably for the CPU and if you look on the motherboard near the CPU socket then there should be a 2x4 row which will accept the 4+4 pin connector.
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  3. Enigma,

    Thank you for your help.

    My system is now up. The only drawback with my PSU is that the system cannot monitor the fan speed because of the missing connection. Everything else seems to be working.

  4. The PSU is not the unit that monitors the fan speed. The motherboard is responsible for that and on most modern boards, the fan will automatically get adjusted unless you disable it in the BIOS.
  5. Sorry if I was not clear. The motherboard cannot monitor the PSU fan speed unless the PSU supplies a cable that can go in PWR_FAN connector of the motherboard. In my case, the PSU does not provide this cable.
  6. I haven't heard before about a cable that would connect from the PSU into the motherboard to directly control the PSU's fan. Usually the PSU does that on its own unless there is some type of defect.
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