Help! Nvidia GTX 470 losing signal?

Everest Ultimate measured highest GPU temp at low 80s (Celcius). Sometimes the monitor will say "No signal" while playing a game, I have it in HDMI mode so I don't even know if it's the monitor or GPU.

To fix this problem I thought instead of using automatic 40% fan speeds, I adjusted it using Nvidia's Control Panel to manual 55%. This only made things worse, it lowers full load temperatures to high 60s but for some reason sometimes the fan speed goes to zero! Therefore pushing the GPU temps to way over 102 degrees (ouch) and I wouldn't even know this is happening until I alt tab to check.

I play Starcraft II, Hearts of Iron III, and Civilization V all in full screen. I don't understand why I'm having this issue.

And yes I have the latest drivers but no going back to old drivers didn't fix it because this problem was here as long as I've owned this video card!

My monitor:

My video card:
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  1. Still on warranty? If yes then RMA it...
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