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Which Video Card should I choose?

Hello there, I need you help

I don't know which Video card shold I choose, I'm between the HD 5670 and the HD 5750. I have a C2D E7500 (2.93 ghz), a mobo that only supports PCIe 1.0 and a monitor whose maximum resolution is 1360x768. I don't know if buying a 5750 worth it because of the PCIe 2.0.
If I buy the 5750 I'll need to buy a power supply (U$S 70) becouse the one I own is generic. Also, taking into account that I live in Argentina, the prices are different, a 5750 costs U$S180 (very cheap) and a 5670 U$S149 (very cheap too). And one dollar is four pesos.

I'd like to play games in 1360x768 in high, so, what would you recomend me?

Thank you very much
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    What is your PSU? I think 5670 is a good choice. I recommend it to those with 300-350W PSU. You will be able to play at high-max settings at that resolution.
  2. I have a 450W ganeric PSU. Do you think so?
  3. If your PSU has a 6-pin connector, then you can get even a 5770 and run it with no problems at all. If you don't have a connector - go for the 5670.
    By the way, is your PCIe 1.0 @16? Almost all PCIe products are compatible with each other.
  4. Yes but my psu don't have a 6 pin connector.
    I can't afford a 5770 and a 5750 is hard, but a 5670 will be okay. If you say me that a 5670 is a good card for 1360x768 resolution that would be great.
  5. well, either card doesnt really use that much power. Can you be more specific with the brand and model and specs of the PSU you have, not all generic PSU's are completely useless. But I generally would not reccommend generic PSU's for any gaming PC.
  6. Yes, 5670 is a good card for 1360*768. Just get the 1GB DDR5 version and you will be OK.
  7. Yeah, just get the 5670 and don't risk the more expensive cards :) You will be safe and happy with it.
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  9. Ok, thank you very much
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