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Hello, I've recently bought a gateway computer and it came with the rear usb and ethernet ports mis aligned (out of the whole). Is there any easy way to fix this? Because I really don't feel like paying for shipping and all of that. Thanks!
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  1. Not without possibly voiding your warranty. How recently did you buy it? If it's been only a few days, you should be able to talk them into paying your shipping.

    If you still don't want the hassle, then you'd need to crack open the case and see what's causing it to be misaligned. Check if the motherboard is screwed into the proper holes, if it's screwed in tightly, if any of the standoffs are bent or if there weren't any standoffs used.

    Really, the whole point of buying a prebuilt is that you don't have to deal with this kind of crap yourself. What's the point in paying through the nose for a warranty if you aren't going to use it?
  2. The other thought is that this could be an after market pci card, etc. as he did not say that he is using a desktop or not, so this could just be a misalligned card (though Mad is covering mroe and probalby correct).
  3. It's not under a warranty it's a used desktop that I bought off of ebay. The motherboard seems to be securely in place but it's just the usb ports and Ethernet ports that are out of place out of the hole. I don't know why. Also it has a very loud fan and I'm going to replace the cpu/heatsink to see if that solves it but if it doesn't I'm going to send it back.
  4. Than you should check the cards that are slotted in the motherboard as well as the cards directly attached to the board. Are the usb and ethernet ports working even though it is misaligned?
  5. I'm sorry for the late response evil but yea they're all working. Check what cards buddy? But never mind this question I have another question that I really need help on. I turned on the power without the hard drive plugged in and then the pc shut off. So I plugged it back in and started the computer again and then it turned on then turned back off then turned on again but I didn't get any video. Is my computer messed up or something? I tried it with the onboard and the peg graphics card and still nothing. Also, I ordered a different cpu fan/heatsink to avoid taking out the motherboard if I can. I was trying to put in a cheap push pin cpu fan/heatsink and I couldn't get it in securely.
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    Most systems won't boot when the system heatsink isn't attached. start with that and make sure you use a very small amount of thermal paste to attach it (the least amount needed) so that you get proper heat conduction between the cpu and the heatsink.
  7. ok I got the cpu fan/heatsink taken care of but now I got another problem (sighs). I plug the ac cable into the power supply and the fans come on for a few seconds then they go off. When I try to turn the computer on with the Power Switch the pc does absolutely nothing. It's as dead as a doorknob. I called around and a few "tech" guys said it was the power supply so I got one coming in a few days. Do you guys think it's the power supply that's causing this problem or is it something else?
  8. I fixed it!
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