Please help! I just built a pc but not working!!!

Hi guys, I just finished building and turned it on.
Case light/cpu fan, probably gpu fan, and case fan were all working for 2 sec but then it all got turned off after 2 sec.
currently, power, reset, and CLR CMOS of motherboard has lights on, proving that power current is still going thru the motherboard.
what do u guys think went wrong? please help!!
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  1. It probably is the mobo power, that 8 pin is a pesky little thing. And please don't flame me if it isn't the mobo connector i only say that because that is the most common mistake.
  2. Thank you everyone for answering my question.
    Currently, I fixed the problem but couldn't find the cause of shutting off in 1 sec.

    What I did after failing it twice, I disconnected ram, GPU from motherboard, motherboard from case and started to connect one by one while turning it on each time and it fixed somehow. I know it's kinda wierd, power connector wasn't problem and i am sure I connected everything correctly even for the 1st time, solved yet still mystery.
  3. Ahh this is no mystery this is the power of the computer god, to all you non-believers here is forum proof ^ :D
    Glad you solved it.
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