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Okay so I have a ATI RADEON HD4350 pci express graphics card and I am tired of dealing with this low end card. I am looking for something better that can actually handle at least call of duty black ops/modern warfare 2 at 100fps with 1024x768 res or 800x600 res (since that is what I play on, thanks to counter strike). My budget would be i'd say 60-100 and from what I've heard, the nvidia series are far more reliable for gaming than ati.

Anyways, my rig is:

AMD PHENOM x3 8750 2.4GHz processor
4GB DDR2 Ram
ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB PCI Express x16
500w PSU
Windows Vista Home Basic SP2 32-bit
Current res is 1024x768

I was actually considering the nVidia geforce 9600GT since I saw a couple of gaming videos and see that it handles games like GRID pretty well. I'm more of a fps gamer though and I play competitively.

Thanks a lot :D
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  1. GTS 250 > HD 5670 > GT 240. 1GB of DDR5 ram for all of them. Take prices into consideration and choose :)
  2. Tigrc nailed it - all depends on what you can spend and is your 500w PSU reliable? An older or off brand could cause problems IMHO,
  3. yeah my PSU is actually reliable. the only thing that i noticed about my computer also its when i play a game or i do something that can cause the computer to use more cpu than usual, the cpu fan becomes really loud and it USED to shut off my computer at random when i used to play counter strike source while the computer being really loud. i dont know if that is caused by over heating or a doo doo cooling. i have the stock cooling btw. Dell Inspiron 546 Minitower is what I own.
  4. Most probably the cooling. If you can, leave the case open at all times, this will reduce the temperatures. That's what I did for my PC and no random shutdowns since (I have a 5 year old PC).
  5. oh okay thanks, but i was also considering buying a new cooling since idk, i do not like the stock one haha. wouldnt leaving the case open at all times bring in dust? even though it already has dust inside, wouldnt it make it worse?

    i want to also know if it's possible for me to overclock my cpu from 2.4ghz to 2.8? i just want to make sure i get the best from the cpu since i heard the tri core i have is actually a quad core with one disable core.
  6. Well, I'm running my PC open for about 2 years now. No issues whatsoever, except for the performance, which is what you would expect for a 5 old PC :D
    Yes, I heard something about unlocking that 4th core, but you will have to do some research, as I know nothing about it :)
  7. Oh okay cool thanks a lot :D. I'll leave the case open to see what it does. My computer is only about a year old, well a little over a year old since I received it like last year 8.18. I'll def. research that :D
  8. Ok, good luck and have fun with your 1 year old PC :D I am considering a RAM and GPU upgrade for myself until I can build my own gaming PC :)
  9. Okay thanks :D good luck with that too m8
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