AMD3+ Motherboard will only work after a Bios Update

I am trying to build a PC for the first time and the CPU I've chosen has an AM3+ socket. The problem I have is that most motherboards advertise out there that says they can support this socket, but only after a Bios update (according to the customer reviews).

What can I do? The only solution that I can come up with is to spend an extra $100 on a AM3 CPU just to update the bios.

Or if someone can recommend me a good AM3+ ready motherboard for under $100, I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. I may be wrong ,, but you might be able to update the bios with the existing chip, just that the board will not see it properly until you do, check with the mobo's site just to be sure, also you might get a local brick and mortar store to do the bios for a small fee..
    It used to be that without a bios update some of the chips features would not be seen/available but would still fire up the mobo, wether that has changed or not I do not know....:)
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