Best CPU for my Rig ?

Hi there Community

I need some advice on a new CPU upgrade that wil optimize my current hardware
specs are...

MB - ASUS m3n-ht Deluxe/mempipe (up-to-date BIOS)
CPU - AMD Phenom 9850 be 2.5GHZ (OC to 3.00GHZ) ({--Crap)
GPU (1) - Inno3d 9800 GTX+ (2.0 x16) SLI with
GPU (2) - Inno3d 9800 GTX+ (2.0 x16) (Very happy)
RAM - 4x2GB DDR2 800 MHz (8GB)
PRIMARY DRIVE - Samsung 128GB SSD (AHCI) (And 5 normal HDD 7200rpm)
PSU - Sparta 750w (Thermaltake ...I think)
LCD - Samsung 32" 1920x1080p (DVI-HDMI Cable)
OS – Windows 7 sp1 x64

I believe that’s all you need? (Let me know if you need more)

OK so i can’t decide on GHZ vs Core do i go for the Phenom II x4 970 (3.5ghz) or the Phenom II x6 1075T (3.0ghz)

Any info would be appreciated
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  1. Gaming the X4, productivity the X6.
    I personally would go for the 965BE for gaming!
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