What can i SLI my xfx gts250 with

Hi again,
Im thinking of going SLI, i have two boards in mind to replace my (i think dieing because of something wrong with the south brige connection) asus p5kpl/1600:




I have a powercool PC-650AUBA-B 650watt Psu poweing stuff atm, i hope its SLI ready, but im not sure.

I want to SLI my xfx gts250 core edition 1gb GDDR3, but im unsure as to what i can sli it with...

So what is my current card sli compatable with?

I have read up on the FAQ's, and a few other sources but im still unsure, i may just be tired but i cant get my head around sli'ing stuff.

P.S. im not interested in the sound card with the MSI board, other then that what board would be the better option for me?

current spec is:

Win xp pro 32bit
Intel 2 quad at 2.33ghz
Asus P5KPL/1600
Corsair XMS2 4gb DDR2 installed ram (xp uses 3.5ish)
WD eco green hard drive
powercool PC-650AUBA-B 650watt
XFX GTS250 core edition (1gb GDDR3)
Generic dvd drive + floppy drive
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  1. Either another GTS250 1GB or a 9800GTX/+ 1GB should be SLi'able, the 512MB and 2GB versions will probably not play nice.
  2. The MSI motherboard that you linked to has the better nForce chipset.

    SLI requires that a GeForce GPU must be paired with an identical GPU, regardless of graphics card manufacturer. Same amount of GDDR3 on each card is also preferable.
  3. so, because i bought a core edition card its going to most likely have to be antoher gts250 core edition.. i dont know if ilbe able to find a 9800GTX with the same memory and proccessor spec. Darn =(

    The asus board has just been and i quote

    "Sorry, this product is currently unavailable. It is likely that it has been discontinued and no longer for sale. "

    looks like the msi wins lol should be buying it tomorrow
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