No video on custom build; but no RAM either

So, I am going out of town for a week tomorrow, and my RAM didn't show up when I expected it to. Not that big of an issue, but I wanted to test my build before I left.

Antec 1200 case
AMD Phenom II X6 (1090T)
ASUS M4A79T Deluxe mobo
Rosewill Bronze 1000w PSU

So its only had RAM in it once, and that is when I had the mobo tested before I sent in the MIR. It worked then. Anyway, I got a graphics card from a friend: an AT Radeon 9250 for PCI. Its an old piece of junk, but I figured it'd do for testing. Only problem is... it didn't work. All of the fans (except for on the GPU) powered up with LEDs. I tested the GPU in another computer and it does work, so I am a bit worried, as I figure I should see BIOS or something.

What I figure it could be: lack of RAM or that the default for video is set to the PCI-E X16 ports instead of just plain ol' PCI. I am somewhat worried that it won't be working when I do put the RAM in when I get back, and return deadlines are coming up soon. Should I be worried? Thanks for your answers!
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  1. The system can not boot(not even the bios) without memory installed.

    The best it can do is beep at you.

    If a PCI card is installed and no PCI-E card is installed, it will boot and work once the memory is in.
  2. as stated before ze memory es essential to boot.
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