Sometimes mouse pointer becomes artifacted

At random times, sometimes after games, sometimes when I leave the PC on for a day, the mouse pointer becomes corrupted. Sometimes it looks like a random black block, other times like a few arrows with weird vertical lines. Anyone else having this problem and found a possible fix?

Specs are
-i7 920 overlocked to 3.5GHz(stock volts) (idles 40 prime95 at about 70)
-Sapphire 6850 overclocked 850/1130(stock volts) (idles 50, 100% load about 60) 10.11
-6GB Ram in Triple channel
-Intel DX58S0
-Logitech g500 mouse and g510 keyboard(latest drivers)
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  1. Try running your VGA at stock speeds and see if it helps.
  2. Actually I had this problem with my card with drivers like 10.1-10.5.Currently I'm using 10.10d hotfix and so far I haven't had this problem,so it's a driver issue but since the OP has OC'd his card,then it may have caused due to an unstable OC.
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  4. Guess I'll have to live with it, tried stock speeds and got the same problem. Thanks guys.
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