[asus] Bad mobo?

Aight. So, I think I've got through everything under the sun in my attempts to fix my pc
Specs as follows
Everything is six months old

Asus p8p67 mobo
2x 1TB WD Harddrives
12 gigs ddr3 1333 mhz ram - Gskill
HD6850 2gig Video Card
Corsair TX 650 Wat PSU
Intel i5-2500k

My issues started when I updated all my old drivers, on of the updates I did was to the bios. three days after I did all my driver updates I started having issues. I'd get a BSOD with a 0x124 hardware error. Randomly, mind you, not when anything was even going on, music playing, photoshop running, watching a movie. randomly. I perused a few forums and they said that it was probably a bios issue. So I reset the CMOS following all the directions. next time I booted my PC it boot to post and would lock up. then I tried to get into the bios. I'd get into the bios for about 10 seconds before it locked up completely. Now it locks up when I hold 'del' to try and get into the bios. If I do nothing it locks up after post but I never see a start up screen. I cant boot from any other method either, no flash drives, no dvd drives etc... I've taken out all the ram and done everything that I can find on the internet.

alright, I've never overclocked, first of all.
The Ram has been run through memtest probably 16 times. two times for 8 passes. Also taken the ram and put it in a different PC. No issues there either
The Harddrives boot in another PC just fine, so its not the harddrive
The videocard is also fine.
That leaves one of three things - PSU, Mobo, Processor

any guesses?
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  1. Try to get different BIOS version.
  2. I've reset the bios to factory default since the update.
    no change. Other than that I've got no idea how to go about getting a different bios version since it wont register any sata connected devices. (dvd drive, harddrives, floppy drive)
  3. There is 9 different BIOS versions. I'd try one next to yours.
  4. No go.
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