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Recycling old PCIe 16x

Years ago I had a XPS with 8600gts in SLI. I had a series of brownouts, the cheap PSU failed, and I was not so savvy back then without UPS. As the computer doesn't pass POST, beeping bad memory or mainboard failure, I am certain at least a few things (my ram) were damaged (tested bad).

Anyway, my question is, first of all, is PCIe 2.1 or 2.0 x16 backwards compatible with PCIe x16 1.1 or 1.0?

Second question which is entirely speculative, (but please answer with experience in such things), do you think it is likely the two Video cards were destroyed as the RAM was? I wish I had another PCIe capable system to run tests on them so my modern build will have a temporary GPU solution I can rely on, but I do not. :pfff:

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    Yes, PCIe 2.x @16 is backwards compatible with PCIe 1.x @16.
    I don't have experience with PSU failing, but I heard, that it is very unlikely that the whole system gets destroyed. Anyway, you should ask some friend to let you check those cards.
  2. Cool. From what I had read from my Mueller computer book it made vague hints at compatibly, and I was thinking that it was compatible, but it's fairly important to confirm such things so I'm not rushing around to preserve my RMA window looking for a GPU.

    Yes, I thought about asking a computer savvy friend of mine if I could test my cards, but lately he's fairly busy and kind of a hermit. I suppose it would be a somewhat easy way to find out the status of GPU health and catch up on good times. Yeah, I'd agree that's the perfect cost-free solution. :D

    Thanks Tigrc.
  3. No problem at all :)
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