XFX 6870 Black or not

I am about to purchase an XFX branded ATI 6870 graphics card, and was just wondering the performance difference between the Black edition and the Standard edition?
I know its overclocked to 940/4600 but in respect to FPS, what increase would there be.
Also the price increase is $50 Australian for the Black.
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    If you really want to stay out of overclocking, the black edition is the card to go. However, the other 6870 could be overclocked even more, than the black edition already is. So, if you want to overclock, pay less, get better performance, go for the simple 6870. If you are afraid for overclocking or simply don't want to mess with it, get the black edition.
  2. Simple, if you can do OC then get normal HD6870, but if you aren't OC at all then you can get that Black edition...
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