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hy, can anbody help me with a problem please? i buy a gigabyte motherboard ga-p41t-d3p. i install windows 7 64 bit and system start ok. i install after driver for my vga card leaddtek nvidia gt 430 and after that the system block and don't want to start. when start the system see my card but after gigabyte logo appear the system block. after i uninstall drvier everything work again. any solution, please? thank you
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  1. Did you perhaps install the wrong driver for your card or operating system? Is Win 7 using the generic driver or is it using the Nvidia GT 430 driver it found in Windows Update?
  2. also, are you using the disc drivers? if so, i suggest going to nVIDIA's website and getting the latest drivers, or to the sub-manufacturer's website, like XFX or EVGA.
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