Asrock P67 Extreme4 gen3 beep sound!!

Hi!! I build up new rig!Connected wires,hardware and everything seems to be fine but when I start up there is no beep sound and yet it goes to bios normally and detects all hardware,Is that normal on this board?

Second problem,maybe related with first one,I didn't install OS yet and when I dont go to bios it says "there is no boot device" which is normal because than you go to bios and put your dvd drive as first boot device , put OS dvd and go for fresh install but when I do that nothing happens like it doesnt read the dvd and again it says there is no boot device. What might it be,what should I try???
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  1. ok there is no speaker in my case so no beep!!

    But how can I know is it my dvd drive fault or hdd??
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