Help me choose a new Monitor!

Hey team,
Very impressed with the knowledge and input from the community here, so I thought i'd get some advice!

I'm looking to get a new desktop, as my current laptop is on the fritz and I need more power for gaming and other needs. I'm a bit of a rookie when it comes to computers and whatnot, thus the question:

I'm looking to get this Computer, and would like to get a monitor that is suitable for what this computer can dish out.

Will this monitor do the trick, or should I look into something else?

Suggestions and oppinions encouraged!

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  1. The monitor is OK, but did you consider building your own PC? There are a lot of benefits to it. You get more performance/price ratio, you can choose the products you want/need.
  2. thanks for the swift response.

    I considered building my own computer, but I don't quite have the time or know-how to do a good job of it.

    As for the monitor, I would really appreciate some suggestions as to better options that would suit the video card supplied, and whatnot. Price should be under $200CAD.

    Thanks again :)
  3. OK, considering you are buying that PC. It has a ATI RADEON HD 5570. What games do you intend to play? I think that monitor's native resolution is too high for that video card. You can get something below 1680*1060 in my opinion. The native resolution is the resolution the monitor was built for and most often looks better, so it is quite important. I'm going to sleep now, I'll get back to you when I will be awake.
  4. Games I intend to play include Starcraft 2, Dawn of War 2, maybe COD:BO, and D3, if it ever comes out :P
    Will this computer handle those fine?
    Will having a monitor that is 'too good' for the vidoe card affect the quality of the image?

    Please excuse my dumb questions, as I look to your knowledgable internet folk for enlightenment ;)
  5. Thoughts on these?

  6. You should go for the LG one. Are there any monitors of lower native resolution? The best for you out of these 3 is LG. It has 2ms response time and native resolution 1680*1050. That graphics card is a bit weak for higher resolutions. The games should be played on the native resolution for best quality, so you should buy a monitor which your graphics card can support.
  7. OK cool. Thanks a lot for the information and tips. Very much appreciated!!
  8. You are all welcome :)
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