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Hi I'm new here nice to meet you. Please let me know if I put this in the wrong place or something or if you need more info.

I'm trying to enable my HDMI port on my Motherboard's internal graphics card. My external PCI Express 2.0 is a better card but it doesn't have an HDMI port. So here's the deal I can use both GFX cards I can use on monitor on the internal card and one on the external card but only through DVI I cannot disable the DVI on the internal GFX card to allow it to broadcast to the HDMI cable and therefore to the HDTV.

Here are some of the help files for my motherboard which is a XFX nForce 750a SLi On page 15 is some info on the issue I believe but the jumper circled in black does not exist!! So I cannot move it to slot 2-3 from slot 1-2

Please HELP!
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  1. no one? sorry for double post but i need the HDMI working adapters mess picture up.
  2. Most motherboards will allow you only to use one or the other, either the dedicated video card or the onboard card.

    What you can try doing to updating the video card drivers for both the onboard VGA and the dedicated one and see if that helps.

    You should try some basic troubleshooting like if you remove your dedicated video card and use only the built in one and you use HDMI does it work?
  3. I already have troubleshooted and updated drivers and bios that's why I asked.
    One thing it does do if I plug the HDMI cable in while using another monitor ( a crappy CRT ) is in the Nvidia control panel it shows my monitor but under connection it shows it as DVI
  4. What is your card? If it's an ATi Radeon HD 3xxx or 4xxx (which would make no sense on an SLI board) then it will have an adapter to change DVI to HDMI because Radeon cards since the HD 3xxx series all have ATI Rear Audio Output.
  5. Well the manuals explained it that's why I put them there. I even said it was the XFX nForce 750a SLi motherboard but here's the product page
    Onboard Graphics


    * Onboard GeForce 8200 graphics
    * HDCP Ready
    * HDMI Certified
    * Up to 256 MB DDR2 Memory
    * HDMI + DVI + VGA outputs
    * NVIDIA CineFX™ 3.0 Engine
    * NVIDIA nView™ Multi-Display Technology
    * DirectX 10 Support
    * NVIDIA PureVideo HD Support
  6. Opps didn't mean to post again
  7. Ok this time's on purpose because I don't want to make a new thread. I really need help with this
  8. I hope this will help. I played with drivers and updates and was relying on auto sensing built into driver software for sound and display. I finally went in windows 7 and manualy set the HDMI display and sound and made them default to work.
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