Can i only and only use water cooling for my cpu?

I am now freaked out.. i am going to build a sandybridge based gaming rig and earlier i was going with CoolerMaster Hyper n620 for cpu cooling as it was good for a aircooling product... but when i saw Corsair H70's performance my mouth was left wideopened... .. it was incredibly awesome
So my question is can i use this Hydro Series for my cpu without editing my present config..?

Motherboard - Gigabyte Ga-P67-UD4-B3
Processor - Intel i5 2500k
Memory - Gskill Ripjaws-X
GPU - Msi GTX 560 Ti TwinFrozer II/OC
Casing - Nzxt Phantom
PSU - Corsair GS800

I really dont want to edit my present config but i heartly want to use that H70 cooler so will it be possible .. if yes then please post a link regarding the installation of H70 in either Nzxt Phantom or any other Full Tower Case..

and one final question i know i will have to remove that side panel fan to install H70 but i hope my top two fans will remain at their positions.... ?
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  1. 1) You don't have to change a thing with your setup to use the H70.

    2) Here is a link with videos on the H70... ( , this is a good video).

    3) It replaces the 120mm fan on the back of the case, so it won't effect the top fans and shouldn't effect the side panel fan either.
  2. It's not a bad cooler, but it's a bit pricey without showing much improvement over some cheaper air coolers.

    But yes it should be an easy plug and play type install for most people.
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