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Asus 460 DCU or MSI 460 GTX Hawk talon strike

Looking to overclock the price difference is 16 dollars.
Will the direct CU make it to 900mhz and how is the cooling is it really noisy ? Friends tell me the HAWK is deadly quiet.
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    not really deadly quite - if you plan to overclock it and when the fans are at 100% than they are not that quite :) - but when you play i bet you listen the game music and effects rather than the fan sound. However if you plan on using it only out of the box - than yes it really is deadly quite

    edit: i own the msi 1gb gtx 460 HAWK talon attack @ 811 stock core clock - and its pretty good GPU - (i did clocked it to 851MHz only - some pepple have reached even 998MHz) and i played CoD : Black Ops @851Mhz core clock, everything was maxed out on 1600x1200 , expect the anti alising was set to x4 (max is x8). And it did not lagged a second - never went lower than 40fps trough the whole game. - i like this card very much - its faster than the 470 out of the box. Just consider one thing if you buy this card and plan to overclock make sure you have good airflow in your case - cause this card dose not pulls the air out but inside.
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  3. Just a quick note, NewEgg has the MSI GTX 460 Hawk on sale TODAY for $189.99 WITH a $30 mail in rebate!!!

    Unfortunately I already ordered the Talon Attack version a couple days ago and paid a now whopping $215 for it!!! AHH!! I considered calling to try and change my order, but, I'd have to get a refund, then it would take a few days or a week to get the funds back on my Visa gift card. In addition, by the time all that is taken care of it is quite likely the card will be all sold out.

    Still thrilled to be getting a Talon Attack, but, most people on NewEgg are reporting that the GTX 460 Hawk is actually arriving clocked at Talon Attack speeds AND it has the Hynix 0.4ns memory on it! Even if you receive the 'standard' Hawk it an incredible bargain for $159.99 after rebate.

    It was selling for $212 just the other day including shipping w/o a rebate. I also checked around several other websites the other day and nobody had it for a better price.

    So if you're in the market for a GTX 460 Hawk, or maybe even a second one. Here is the link for you.

    You must add it to your card to see the final price. NewEgg Business website said that they haid 20+ left in stock, although, I'm not sure if those numbers are an indication of inventory on the regular NewEgg site. The card is at the same sale price on both sites, but obviously, NewEgg business is only for companies with accounts.

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