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Hello everyone,

Recently I decided to upgrade an older Dell computer by adding some ram and a new video card. I upgraded from 2x1gb to 2x2gb and from a 8800gtx to a gtx 460. the computer loaded up fine with the video card, but for some reason took a few tries with the ram. I had to install one stick at a time before it would load windows.

Now, when installing a program or playing a game, it will randomly restart. No BSOD or error messages. it also doesnt restart if idle (although its only been idle for a limited time). I formated the drive, installed windows 7 64bit (originally windows xp) and still notice the random restarts. Is the memory the culprit? its a dell so i cant tweak voltages.. if the new memory isnt being supplied enough power. or the video card?

or is this something pre-exisitng?
Prior to the hardware upgrades, the computer would occasionally be found in a sort of sleep mode.. the fans were spinning but it would never wake up. it required the power button to be held down. could this have evolved into the random reboots?

thanks for the support!

intel q6600 2.4ghz
4gb gskill ddr2
nvidia 460gtx
1tb harddrive
win7 64bit
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  1. well I put the old ram back in, and it seems to be working so far.

    my old ram was 240 pin sdram pc2 5300u (667)
    the new ram is 240 pin sdram pc2 6400 (800)

    shouldn't that be an acceptable upgrade?
  2. You should post the exact model/part # of your modules.
  3. do you mean of the ram?

    here is what i purchased:

    the old ram is whatever came with the dell.. I don't know its model number, or even where to find it. but it is pc2 5300u (667)

    after reading around, it seems it might be a voltage problem? The ram i bought says 1.8-1.9v. Do i need ram that is specifically 1.8v since I am unable to adjust ram voltage with a dell?
  4. after doing some more searching,

    apparently even though the dell upgrade page gives pc2 6400 (800) ram as an option for my computer, only pc2 5300 (667) ram will work.

    Now my question is do I need 4x1gb or can I use 2x2gb? I've read both that 2x2gb does work, and that 2x2gb doesnt work and only 4x1gb works.

    any information would be awesome!
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