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Ok. New Build. I plan to connect my pc to my 32 inch, 720p sony bravo computer in my room. Is the EVGA 470 gtx superclocked edition capable of playing 1080p games(I can play and watch 1080p on the tv) at good fps? IS this a good idea? I don't overclock or do anything crazy with my pc.
Planned build:

cooler master haf 932
i7 950
asus x58 sabertooth mobo
6gb ocz 1066
windows 64 bit
need a hard drive
graphics card unkown- leaning towards 470gtx or 6870 but depends which is better for 32inch
corsair 850w 80+
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  1. Take a look at this:

    HD6870 is slightly faster than GTX470 and produce less heat.
    So, get a single HD6870 for now and you can add another one later (CF mode), that should handle most of games with decent setting (maxed out) on your HDTV.
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