My computer hangs when usb is plug in with mp3

my computer hangs when usb is plug in with can detect but as soon i want to manage the file in my computer,my pc hangs.....when it unplugged the mp3,it recovers......any help?my pc using xp...
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  1. Does this happen in all of the free USB sockets on the motherboard and on the front of the case (if any)?
  2. How long do you wait before trying to access it ? Sometime Windows built in security and/or Microsoft Security Essentials slow processes way down depending on what they are.

    You can try disabling these from start/search/msconfig/etc..... temporarily.
  3. im using intel core 2 happen when i plug in any usb either front or the mthrboard usb...and,always happen any time i access please,im a newbie in this pc world....huhee~
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