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I got a new presario CQ62 from compaq yesterday. The box, as well as the label in the store, both said that the computer came with a 250 Gig hard drive. It wasn't in the box, so I assume it's on the computer.
I'm not tech-savy when it comes to the actual build of the computers, so I'm not sure how I should go about finding out if the hard drive is actually on it. The reason I ask is because All my files have been saving to my local disk, which I only have 2 Gigs worth of memory on, which is taken up by two games. But when I try to pick a different place to save, I don't know how to save it to my Hard Drive.. I'm sorta having multiple problems here I guess you could say. :( :(

I'm running on Windows 7 ( it says something about aero, idk if that has anything to do with windows )
I assumed that you could click the drop-down menu for the Local Disk in the directory at the top, but that didn't let me pick another save destination. I traveled back, and I couldn't find the option to save to my hard drive either..

I'm not very tech savvy by the way, so I may have trouble understanding some things when it comes to computers :lol:
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  1. To answer your main question, yes, the hard drive is located inside your computer. The "local disk" you are referring to is your hard drive. If there was no hard drive the computer would not work. The 2 Gigs of memory you mention has nothing to do with your hard drive. Any files you open or save are located on your 250 Gig Hard drive not the 2 Gigs of memory. In fact at this point you do not have to concern your self with the 2 Gigs of memory at all. The computer automatically takes care of this memory for you.

    The Aero you refer to is is only the graphical prettyness of the computer image, more technically known as "Eye Candy" and has little to do with the basic operation of the computer. It's nothing to be concerned with at this time.

    It sounds like you are a total novice to computers and need some basic instruction in how to navigate around Windows. As it is often easier to show someone things than to tell them, the best option would be to ask a friend to help. If that is not an option, then go back to the store and ask them to show you how to do basic file navigation. There is no need to bring your computer back as they can demonstrate on a floor model.

    Anyway, to start, try this. Click on the Start symbol on lower left of the computer screen and click on the word "Computer" on the right side of the Start Menu. This will open a window showing all available drives on your computer. You will see a drive labeled "System (C:) That's your hard drive. It is possible that your computer manufacturer divided your hard drive into two parts, so you may or may not see another drive with a custom name labeled (D:) If you see two drives, use the (C:) drive to install your programs and the (D:) to store your personal files.

    I hope this helps.

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