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About a week ago I experienced a Video driver crash while in Internet Explorer just surfing around. So I updated my drivers to the latest 260.99 and Went on about my business. I used Driver Sweeper to clean out my old drivers 260.63. Well tonight, it happened again and this time it took my system thru a reboot. Wierd!!!! So I driver swept again and this time went back to the last driver I used and never had a problem with 258.96. Here are my system specs::

Asus P6T-Deluxe
Intel I-7 920 Stock clock
Corsair Dominator 6 gigs stock clocks
WD Black 750 GB
WD green 1 TB
Thermaltake 1KW cable management
TRUE 120 Extreme
Nvidia EVGA 460 Rear Exhaust X 2 SLI
Haf 932
Windows 7 Professional X 64

I use GPU 4.6 to check them...even in gaming they never get above 65 degrees C. I built this rig with a GTX 295 and never never had ANY issues...still have the card also.

So what could it be?? Is the 260.99 driver and the 260.63 driver buggy?? The last it crashed My daughter had been on facebook playing Zanga?? Poker and when she got off I got on and open IE and then my Mail and all hell brock loose...artifacts and stuttering and all kinds of stuff....I let it run its course and it finally rebooted. Got back into Windows and opened up the IE and here we go again....this time it didn't reboot but recovered and I went back to the 258.96 driver. I play Black Ops and MW2 and have never had a problem with that with either what do you think??
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  1. Well...update!! It crashed again several times....didn't reboot. I finally had enough so I went back to my GTX 295 and I'll see how this works....don't know what was happening though....worked fine for a couple of months then who knows....anyway...back to my 295 for now.....might have a couple of GTX 460's for sale soon, if this works and doesn't freak then I will sell them and save and get me a SINGLE 580....think I'm done with SLI with 2 card sli (GTX 295) seems to work and has worked in the past like a champ!! Giving up a little in performance by going back...but not much.
  2. The cards could be overheating. You can use a program like GPU-Z or EVGA Precision to check the temperatures.
  3. bdcrlsn said:
    The cards could be overheating. You can use a program like GPU-Z or EVGA Precision to check the temperatures.

    Thanks for the reply. I have GPU 4.6 and have run it in the background while playing COD Black Ops and from what it says the cards max temps were around 58~60C and running at about 85% each so heat isn't an issue really. I run them at 1920X1200 on a 24 inch Syncmaster. They never really have had a problem when I am is when I am just surfing around the web occationally and something I noticed since I posted last was it hits when I open windows mail!!! Almost every time I open windows mail it crashes the driver. So I went and looked at my updates and on the 26th there were several updates to windows like 20+ of them installed then. Bet that is the problem. I since have re-installed my 295 and kept my drivers at the 258.96 and do not have any trouble. I think it must be something with the updates and the true SLI and not with the 295 internal sli config that is hosing the driver. I have had something like this come up before with Vista about 1 1/2 yrs ago with an update with windows and boom several games quit running right. So I uninstalled the updates and told vista to not install updates unless I ok'ed them. So that is probably what it is an update that was installed hosed the driver for some reason...well at least that is what I think happened. Anyway, I'm thinking of selling these 2 460's (EVGA GTX 460 1024mb Superclocked) and being done with SLI, and running my 295 till the 580's come down a little and getting one of those.

    I appreciate the reply and am sorry it took me so long to got in the way. As well as a little testing to see what was up. Windows kills again, lol.
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