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How would it work, for example on a game like BFBC2 with a server with 32 players?

Is it worth it?
Would it work?
Could you use standard motherboards and CPUs, or are you restricted to AMD Opterons and Intel Xeons?
Servers don't need video card or sound cards, right? Just pure processing power?
How much HDD space is needed for an average server? Is RAID1 recommended?

I highly doubt I'll ever assemble a home server for myself, but I would just looove to get some info :p
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  1. Why wouldn't it? I've played on privately hosted servers so many times I lost count. Not that game, however. ET. I got tired of kids screaming profanity & running around jabbing people with a knife & my spawn point became a bloodbath. It can be fun if you find mature players. The principle is the same. You need a good pc & a good network connection.
  2. uhh lets see
    Here's the specs for a computer to serve BF2. BFBC2 isn't runnable on your own dedicated server from what I've seen.

    Is it worth it? I'd go with a used system, then it would definitely be worth it
    Would it work? Depends on the game, BFBC2, from what I've seen online, wouldn't work
    Standard computer hardware will work exactly the same as server hardware for dedicated serving. (unless you find a computer with a PowerPC architecture)
    Sound card? No
    Video card? possibly, some games might use one, I'm honestly not sure on this point
    HDD space? Any size you can find today would probably work, above 40GB wouldn't be much of a problem. RAID1 is unnecessary. That is used when you want absolute 100% coverage with no down-time. RAID1 would have no speed bonus, and basically just waste money. I think games today take up ~3-10GB
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