Front panel case connectors

Just a quick question. I am not sure where to connect the front panel power LED pins. If you look at the picture it is a two single pins. On the mobo diagramm there is two places to connect, red circle (has two pins), and green circle (has three pins). Please advise. Thanks.

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  1. Connect the Power LED+ to the green-circled PWR+ and the Power LED+ to the other green-circled PWR+. Leave the middle pin empty.

    It does not look like your case has the Message/Power/Sleep LED.
  2. There seems to be no standard on which leads are + or -.
    Not to worry.
    If you connect them backwards, they simply do not work.
    In that case, just reverse them.
  3. Yes, there is no Message/Power/Sleep LED in the case. Connected the pins, and LED is working

    Thanks for helping
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