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M having an ATI HD 4350 zah2 GPU(1GB).Well M aware it's not a gaming card,but still i cound play games like GRID(All Max Setting-with No FPS lag),CoD4 MF(Same Max Res-1366by 768 all details high with no prob),wolfenstein 2009 with high res and 1366by 768 (AA and AF decrease for certain maps else max settings)..but problem is its overheating idle temp is 69 degrees even with severe underclocked to core-400,Mem-400.I noticed that when i pointed a deskfan at the gpu temp at idle was as low as 45 and at full load of cod5 65(even overclocked to core-650,Mem 500 by riva tuner) so my ques is should i buy a new speedfan to take heat away and reduce temp or use other coolant...(My card crashed 1 time when i oc it to 700Mhz without cooling)
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  1. If this card has a passive cooler (no fan, only a heatsink), a quick fix would be to add a new active (with a fan) GPU heatsink. I have used both of these with other ATI GPUs to great satisfaction:


    If your 4350 version actually has a fan, either of this will likely outperform the stock config you currently have, if mounted properly.

    Good luck!
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