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I have a out of the box HP slimline. It is an AM3 board, but it has DDR2 in it. It also has a sempron, and I want to place a phenom II x4 in this board, any compatibility issues? I have placed a higher watt PSU in it (hard to find this shape)and added 430GT.

HP Pavilion Slimline s5603w
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  1. Looks like your hp case will take any standard micro atx motherboard, but using a non hp board may prevent your windows installation from loading. The upgrade list includes phenom I cpus; you may want to get a used one or check starmicro. Your board won't work with phenom II's. I wouldn't flash the bios either; It won't perform miracles and let you use phenom II's. If you still want to change motherboards, there are plenty of am2+am3 boards that will run with phenom II's up to 95 watts. For higher wattage, use an amd chipset. I use the biostar A880G+ micro atx board with ati 4250 onboard graphics, a common video chipset. It runs pretty smooth, and will work with phenom II's up to 125 watts, but this board uses ddr3, which is still cheap. I got 4 gb used for $30.
  2. I doubt that the mobo has support for 125W CPUs, maybe you can try an Athlon II X3, still a very good CPU. Ask in here

    LE ^apparently the Athlon II X3 might not be supported.
  3. Your both wrong...

    I decided on a 95 watt Athlon2 x4 best bang for buck, dont really need a phenom, although there are phenom 2 x4s at 95 watts available.

    HPs Board specs.

    Now, when I bought this PC I was unaware that the board was AM2+ as it contained an AM3 CPU. I want to replace the processor first, so I can increase my frame rate, however I still intend on purchasing an am3 motherboard down the road, so that I can use ddr3. I really don't want to purchase a new OS though. In the past (windows xp) I remember calling a 1-800 number and talking to microsoft tech about switching a motherboard, they gave me a key and I could use a manufacturer restore disk with "aftermarket" board. Is this still the case with 7?? Also, has anyone used a different HS/fan combo with this slimline case? Im not sure about clearances.
  4. It says the board only support AM2+ processors?

    Lol it also says moRtherboard, god i love HP

    Mine shipped with an Am3 in it, so this is obviously incorrect.

    Am3s will run on an am2+ board, thats the cause for the +

    originally the specs said that the board would support 125 watt processors, but apparently that is only on a single power plane (still don't know what that means exactly) So, I will stick with a 95 watt AM3

    Im going to talk to HP Live as I am under warranty and check to see what they say. Maybe have them correct the spelling error and misleading note. I love how they state am2+ processors only then list am3 processors underneath, maybe they mean to say will not support Am2 processors. Well, at least I've learned alot about compatibility in the process, if I have a customer bring one of these things in, I can talk in geek for at least half an hour while they ignore me x-)

    I'll update when I hear what HP has to say ( I like to pick on the techs, maybe I'll C+P the transcript.) I'll have to use the word blasphomy at least once. Don't hate me b/c I cant spell, it is better than MORTHERBOARD, apparently HP can't afford a system that allows spell check, is this slight irony?
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