Motherboard beep erroes

I booted my new pc for the first time and got an error saying that one of the device is not working.I'm able to get to the bios and i see the cpu// fx6100 i see the 8gb of ram. i have tried different video cards. Mobo ASUS M5A97 AM3+// video card hd 6870 and i tried a 5770. Is it possible to ear the mobo errors if i do not have a optical drive?
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  1. Sorry for the bump. still looking for help
  2. what device wasnt working? i would think it first towards usb 3.0, or somthing plugged in via usb
  3. It was a short beep and 4 quick ones. if i recall correct. Nothing is plugged in via usb 3 right now. By hardware i meant one of the main components cpu/memory/vid card
  4. meant to say 1 long and 4 short , the manual says its a component failure
  5. Ok i got the first issue i had taken care of. Now im only getting 2 beeps.
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