How do I acquire AMD "Vision"?

What is AMD Vision and how do I get it? It sounds like a good thing.
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  1. You get these special glasses, and put them on.. It's AWESOME!

    All kidding aside, I think it refers to just using an AMD processor and an AMD videocard in a build. There is nothing special about it though.
  2. Well, vision sounds good, they say it is better in games. So if I use my AMD Athlon II x3 440 and an hd6850, I should get AMD Vision? How do I get black? If I have black do I have them all?
  3. hmm, Well black would be referring to the Black edition series for AMD processors. The Athlon II x3 does not qualify for that and the hd 6850 is a good card, but the HD 5850 has better performance for about the same price. But your three core and video card like that can handle pretty much any game anyway. They have something called eyefinity which allows you to game on three monitors. Check out the link
  4. It's just a marketing program to broadly classify graphics needs and steer buyers to PCs with AMD components. The PCs that qualify as AMD Vision Black all have Phenom II x6 proccesors and at least an HD 5750 for eyefinity capability, but it's just a marketing ploy, there is no tangible performance or visual benifit to buying a PC that is part of the AMD Vision program.

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