P8z68v pro gen 3 scratched

Hi all, so i just scratched my mobo :pfff:

However the scratch don't seem deep but its hard to tell since i don't have any magnifying glass, i scratched a circuit trace near the pci-e slots but everything seems to work, i have no red leds popping up and i've run 1h OCCT, so far things are stable.

So is this should cause problems that i don't saw for now like in gaming? If it cause problems it'll be obvious like freeze or subtle like frame skip or things like that?

Thanks guys and sorry for my english, this is not my native language.

PS: I will add some pictures later if i get the chance to see my mother.
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  1. It would have to be really deep scratch, it have very tough resin on top. No red is good : )
  2. Thanks for the reply :)

    I just slipped a bit with my screwdriver but im not a gorilla and this is not my first build, its 1cm long and looks like its just superficial.

    If i notice something weird i will just remove all the components to get a better sight on it but for now i lack the motivation to do so especialy since everythings works apparently, I will do some memtest86 and games later on.
  3. U can run Prime95, it is a very useful stability tester for overclockers. When you run a "Torture Test" it will indicate whether or not your PC is stable. If you can run this application for at least 24 hours without errors than you can assume that you have a stable overclock.

    It will put your PC to the test and if something is not, you'll know : )
  4. Thanks, but will i know if my pci-e is ok with that? I thought this was only to test the cpu.
  5. Do u have pci-e device?
  6. Get a picture and post it here.
  7. Just started prime95 with the option called "blend" (test a bit of everything).
  8. Sorry for the double post but i can't edit for some reasons, yes i have a gtx 580.
  9. The mobo is sophisticated piece of electronic and when it starts it does self check of everything, make sure its a OK to run hard.

    So it would let u know if it would be broken.
  10. Ok that's it, i've done prime95 blended test for 24 hours with 0 errors and warnings :D
    I'll start memtest86, if it's ok should i assume that the scratch did nothing? again i hit one circuit trace near the upper pci-e slot(left hand sided).

    Thanks again :bounce:
  11. hi, i've not done the memetest86 yet (will do while sleeping), but i tried some gaming and i had run through an annoying issue :heink:

    So in BF3, assassin's creed and especially Star wars the old republic every damn time my fps fluctuate results in some sort of stuttering (like ms halts), i said especially SWTOR because the fps are very unstable in this game.
    The problem is worse at low fps of course but i get this thing even at 60+ fps, for exemple going from 90 to 80 does it :fou:

    After that i tried Rage which is always at 60 fps (the game itself can't go higher or lesser) and this is smooth as butter!

    I want you guys to know that i play on a Asus 120hz monitor without 3d glasses and that i tried it in 60hz but that was worst. I never play with vsync on but tried it and even if i know that vsync off i have 80 + fps, when vsync on my fps drop to 59 or 61 all the time.

    Now i don't know if i should blame me for the scratch or my gtx 580. :cry:
  12. Memtest86+ done without errors.
  13. As I thought it would : )
  14. Hi nikorr, did you know something about my previous post? that's annoying as hell and i don't know what to do now, my friends aren't really into computers so i can't grab another graphic card for free :cry:
  15. vangart said:
    Hi nikorr, did you know something about my previous post? that's annoying as hell and i don't know what to do now, my friends aren't really into computers so i can't grab another graphic card for free :cry:

    Well, u could run in the store to buy one , test it and return it.
  16. Some stores will check your PC for free, so check Best buy or Office depot...
  17. I think i'll do that this week yes but im so short on money, i just payed this one :pt1cable:
  18. Don't know this brands im french :D
  19. U can do that in France, can't u?
  20. Yeah but i doubt i can do it for free here ! :whistle:
  21. Here in US its no problem, because many people actually will not return purchase like that at all, they forget or procrastinate too long : )
  22. Can u post a picture of that?
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