H61 versus P67/Z68 ...( question )


I want to learn one thing. For example, I don't need extra features such as sata3, usb3, Cross Fire, SLİ, OC ... and I don't want to spend extra money on them.
if I get a cheap H61 mobo with a choice cpu such as i7 2600, Does it drop the performans of the cpu down ?

I mean, are the performance of those equal?
- a cheap H61 mobo + i7 2600
- an expensive Z68/p67 mobo + i7 2600

I'm sorry to consume your time.
Happy new year.
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  1. Getting an H61 MB without all those features will not slow down your PC or the core processing functions of your computer.
  2. H61 have just two memory slots. Get a H67 maybe in time you will nedd more memory on your pc.
    H67 allows for use of Sandbridge's (and probably Ivy Bridge's) iGPU. H61 is basically the same but with less features (no RAID, less SATA ports, less PCIe lanes, etc). P67 allows you to overclock your CPU. Z68 enables the features of both P67 and H67 and SSD caching.
  3. Thank you.
  4. But it will affect the speed of memory transfer and in doing so will drop performance slightly compared to Z68 boards.

    The performance will not be noticable to most people though.

    What will you be doing with this PC? You may want to consider the little better H67 chipset.
  5. My computer is old. So I investigate what to get instead of it. I'm an ordinary user. I like programming, playing football games etc. But probably I can't buy it immediately. nowadays Dollar exchange rate is high here... ( Turkey )
  6. the biggest price save you can make is between i5 2500 and i7 2600. i5 2500 is about $100 cheaper and is only missing hyperthread, 100mhz, and 2mb of L2 catch.
  7. That's a better idea. I appreciate it.
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