Will a DDR3 work as it should work on a DDR2 motherboard?

my above question refers to ddr2 graphic card slot being used by a ddr3 card.
as in am using a ddr2 graphic card, can i buy a ddr3 graphic card as long as they all support PCI-E and use it just like i was using the ddr2 one?
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    On the graphic cards is not a problem what type of memory your video card use. You can put even a DDR5 video card in PCIE slot.
  2. and is there anything like GDDR5 when it comes to graphics card?
  3. Yea the nvidia 450gts is gddr5 well at least the evga one i dunno about the others
  4. Hi,
    another question, can the Radeon HD 5670 play Battle Field 3 well?
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