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I have an aspire one netbook and after several frustrating attempts finally got it working as a clone monitor but it isn't filling the entire screen on the second monitor (a sceptre x23 hdtv) I've tried adjusting resolution; color quality and refresh rates to no avail. Totally frustrated at this point! Thanks any help or suggestions
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  1. If you clone your desktop, your monitors are going to use the resolution of the lowest resolution monitor.

    So your 2nd monitor likely has a higher native resolution. There are two ways in which a LCD monitor will handle a lower than native resolution; 1) display the image in the middle of the monitor, blackening the outter edges, or 2) stretch the image to use the full screen, in this version, some pixels get double, and can lower image quality as a result.

    This is sometimes done in software setting given by the monitor, and more often is a setting on your monitor itself.
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