EATX12V and EPS12V

Hi, I am a bit confused..
My psu has an EPS12V connector (which splits into 2x4pin connectors). The motherboard has EATX12V connector, and 4 pins have a black cap on them. My question is, do I plug in all 8 pins to the motherboard, or just 4?

I'm not running a super system.. using an i3 3.06GHz and not planning to o/c
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  1. The ATX12V connector has 4 pins, if it has 8 pins then its actually an EPS 12V connector on the board and i would just plug all 8 in since your PSU has them. The cap over four of them means that your system should still work even if you only plugged in 4 of them.

    What board is it that says it has an EATX12V connector because that connector doesnt exist. EATX is just a larger motherboard, but it still is electrically compliant with ATX 12V standards, so EATX12V is a misnomer and shouldnt be.
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