EVGA GTX 460 vs GTX 460 Superclocked

So i was debating if I should get a gtx 460 or a gtx 460 Superclocked (EVGA) they go for the same price on newegg. But what i want to know is there any danger in buying a pre-overclocked card from the company. Im also worried about heating problems. i have stock cooling, and i dont want to buy a superclocked card if i will have eating issues. PLEASE HELP
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  1. The GTX460 runs pretty cool, but unless either of the cards is the "EE" version (External Exhaust) it will vent the air inside the case. You will need good airflow, but overall it shouldn't really be an issue, unless you are completely irresponsible with a case that is all clogged up with dustballs. The difference in operating temperatures will not be enough to really make a difference overall, regardless of which card you choose. If they are the same price, get the superclocked card. If you are still worried about case temps, then look for the "EE" versions.
  2. i just bought Gigabyte GTX 460 Super Overclock - great cooling and can't hear it over the sound my system at idle, when at load I can hear it but barely over that of my system.


    very quiet, cool and powerful - check review here...

    good luck - HD 6850 have the edge IMHO but will run louder but I didnt want to wait for stock to arrive and the low heat from the GTX 460 suits my case / needs (not great air flow), came home today and the card was idling at 28 degrees for sure

    btw, played Medal Of Honor last night - settings maxed out @ 1920x1080 - ran like a charm !! very high frame rate

    I'm not
  3. damn wouldnt let me edit my message. ignore the bits that dont make sense please...

    "I'm not"

    doh! should read what I've written before i post
  4. Wow haha! thats good news I think i plan on getting it thanks for the info!
  5. I would recommend that you buy the overclocked card only if it has the same or better warranty. I had the EVGA 460 SC EE and it ran super-cool (10c less than my 470 which I stepped up to). My 460 SC only had a 2 year warranty so I stepped up to a 470 with a lifetime. Even in a cramped case, heat will not be a problem.
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