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Gpu purchase

hi were i live we have limited market so here is what they have at the shop .

well i found 2 cards 460 gtx 1 gb one of them is msi fac oced to 730 core speed with after market cooling and pipes and so . and a Gigabyte also fac oced but to a less core freq 700 core speed i guess , both are about same price , which sounded reasonable to me .
would the better after market modification for the msi
like the 2 fans and pipes and ocing makes it a better or equal choice ?

also the ati 5850 is about the same price, would i sound like a naive nvidia fan boy
if i didnt get that 5850 for the same price as the 460 gtx 1g ? i really liked that 460 fermi

the msi looks something like this

::YoYo Tech::

same price also , i would like to get an advise from power users if possible thanks
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  1. The MSI Hawk with the Twin Frozr II cooler is definitely the way to go. The cooler is very quiet and effective, and the Hawk is a highly customized card. Performance between all the options you mentioned will be similar, so go for the one that has the best cooler and highest quality components, like the MSI Hawk. What Nvidia fanboy would ever want to give up his PhysX for an ATI card?
  2. Go with the hd5850. The GTX 460 can come to the same stock speeds as an hd5860, but when you OC the hd5850 it will become even better. The gtx 460 is very nice though.
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  4. 17seconds said:
    What Nvidia fanboy would ever want to give up his PhysX for an ATI card?

    indeed .

    and about ocing the 5850 its not an option for me because i like to run my
    hardware at fac clocks . am not an overclocker

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  6. I will take it as a moral victory. Just so long as you get the Hawk and play some good games that feature PhysX. How about some Unreal Tournament III!
  7. dont worry about that , i played every game out there since the world began ,
    i am 40 years old and i have been gaming on the old atari

    before i learned to walk ,

    well online gaming was new to me when i got my dsl in 2003 but i play
    battlefield 2 look i have near 1000s hours of gaming ,

    ill be waiting bf3 and it wont lack lots of physics it self .
  8. Not to go one up on you old man, but I actually started my video game playing days on a Magnavox Odyssey console, which was released in 1972, three years before Pong came out:
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