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I'm trying to decide on a new (well not so new actually) CPU for my old Pentium III pc. I was thinking something like this:

Is this a good choice? The computer I want to install it on currently has the same CPU but the 733MHz version. And im just looking for a little upgrade, after all, it's only 8 bucks.. I was thinking of trying a Celeron, but despite being the same socket, I doubt it would work. Those old mobo's are pretty picky.

Heres the web page for the motherboard it has:

What do you think?

Thanks :)
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  1. yeah that should work... i cant get the cpu support list up but you could try and ditch the lot and go for a pentium 4 with a motherboard and a ram upgrade too..
  2. Good choice.

    Note the larger Tualatin cache CPU's are not a good choice - we all had lots of problems getting them to run in standard mobos at the time.

    I personally liked the 733 / 133.

    They make good firewalls.
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    the Intel Pentium III 1000 is a great cpu:

    Still use it to do stuff on win98 and boots up pretty fast.

    Work ok (i guess ) with win xp & at least 512 mg ram.

    Its a great upgrade from 733 & 866 mhz (you can see a difference)
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