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Reading manuals while I waiton parts ...The Lancool PC-K7 case has a "Buzzer Wire" in the parts list without any instructions on how to use or why...any ideas?
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  1. It may have a case speaker built in, case speakers tend to be piezo buzzers not real speakers these days, that would connect to the case speaker header on the motherboard and can be useful for troubleshooting.
  2. the wire is about 3 inches long with a header on each end. One end is labeled "speaker" with 4 female fittings the other end has no label and has one hole in the middle of the rounder shaped header.
  3. Is this case speaker?
  4. it is part of the Lancool Case..included with the stand offs, screws, wire wraps and such
  5. Newegg shows it as being a case speaker when looking at the accessories with the case, and that description sounds about right, piezo buzzers are small and look very little like a normal speaker.
  6. I thought it was
  7. I just reviewed my MB, ASUS M4A88TD-V, and at no place do I see a header that would appear to fit this wire nor is there a spot on the board label for such a thing.
  8. Page 2-36 of your manual, it goes on the Q-Connector right across from the power switch and the reset switch.
  9. chassis mounted speaker warning speaker??
  10. Yup, the case speaker serves to tell you about pretty much any system level status update, from one beep for good boot, to over heating alarms, to diagnostic beep codes, its all the same speaker.
  11. gotcha...thank you for the information!
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