Random Freezing Issue

A while ago I rebuilt my brothers computer and upgraded it with a new video card


q6600 @ stock 2.4
Memory: G.Skill 4gigs ddr2 800
Motherboard: ga-ep35-ds3l
Video: EVGA gtx470
PSU: Corsair 750w
HDD: Seagate 250gb

It originally had a 610w psu and an 8800 gts 512

When i first rebuilt it, I added the gtx 470 w/ the 610w psu and started noticing a random black screen (no signal to monitor)
as well as the computer freezing at times

Since then I have upgraded the psu to the 750, tested the memory, tested w/ different ddr2 800 memory wiped the computer, driver sweeper/reinstalation of drivers upgraded the bios and a whole lot of other things that i dont remember.

The new PSU is working perfectly and to the correct voltage, both sets of memory work fine in a different computer

The 470 also works fine in another computer, and has been RMAed just in case. and the new one has been tested with the same problem.

With the above specs, the computer works perfectly with its old 8800gts 512. It freezes only with the 470 in.

With the 470 in, the computer freezes in safe mode, in the bios and just about anywhere possible.

Im thinking its the motherboard, but it could also be the processor as well could it not? I was also told that its possible for the memory to not be compatible? I never even thought that was possible but thats why im asking.

memory voltages are also fine, processor voltages etc, everything is set to auto or manufacturers specified. I have disconnected anything unnecessary from the computer and have used it with different keyboards monitors etc

It simply freezes w/e the 470 is in and the only things i have not changed so far is the motherboard processor and have not tried faster memory.

What are the odds though that it could be the processor or memory? Im thinking of just scrapping the motherboard processor and memory and just buying him the new i7.

What on the motherboard could be broken that does not let it work with the 470? thats what im trying to figure out before i start spending more money on another solution

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. IF the new GTX works fine in another comp, that leaves two options; PSU not quite cutting it (despite it being new), or MB....
  2. its the second PSU, both are able to handle it yet the computer has same problems with either.

    Ive ruled out the psu as a problem

    What im mainly trying to wrap my head around is how can one card work and not the other one? they are both pcie 16x cards

    I remember back in the AGP days how u can like break the 8x part of the slot and the 4x can still work and whatnot, but i dont see how that can be happening with this board.
  3. try the old video card
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