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Hi everyone.

I recently purchased a Shuttle SH67H3 for a home lab virtual server. Orginally, I was getting a shuttle with X58, but some people were like why not use 2nd gen processors...yada dada. Whether I made the right or wrong decision, I listened and the Shuttle that supports H67 and I put an i7-2600 in there, as well as 16GB of Patriot memory, dual NIC (so 3 nics) and no internal storage

I want to have a 2nd one of these for my lab, but it was also serve as my primary computer, so I will want to put a local drive( most likely SATA III, or maybe SSD, not sure).

I could just buy another shuttle, and add local storage and a better graphics card, and probably switch it to the 500w power supply...but I was thinking, since this will also be my home PC, maybe I can I build a better machine for around the same price that has more capability. I want to stick with H67 and 2600 processor, because it needs to machine for my lab purposes

Can anyone suggest the best motherboard to use? Also what graphics card? It's not for gaming, but I would like something with HD in case I get an HD monitor down the road. I am trying to make it as energy efficient as possible. I'll get a 80plus bronze power supply.


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  1. Actually, I probably won't need to stay with H67, if there is a better chipset that is recommended. I would like to stay with the 2600 processor though.

    Any suggestions?
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