hello - I was getting rid of my "cache files" and then going further as per internet instructions, went to amd and typed in what ever I was directed to do, now it seems I might have done something BAD? What have I done? Can you tell I don't deal with the internal organs of my computer unless I am dying and cannot take the time to have it done by a professional
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  1. What bad thing might you have done? There aren't really any details in your post. Went farther? Done something bad? We have no clue what you're talking about.
  2. when I went to the Internet for solutions as to why my computer never shuts down completely without popping up with a program that seems to change every night - sometimes it say's Program - SD 64 or words similar to that, no clue as to where this "program" is coming from, but if you don't close it, your computer will not close down - that was one question and my own suspicion that it is coming from Outlook, my email program, but there is no way to find it that I can tell.
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